ineffable pursuits

 – somebody of the public got to have a playtest of the game…

About snuurg

amateur sculptor; 'professional' modelmaker. Images copyright snuurg / J.Brumby unless otherwise noted. Sculptor of gods and monsters, myths and mortals, from miniature to monumental
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4 Responses to ineffable pursuits

  1. Michael Langlois says:

    The figures are even more stunning when you get to see them up close in person, photos really don’t do them justice. Amazing work!

    • snuurg says:

      Thanks Michael – can’t take credit for all of ’em, just a fair few – but cheers all the same…great review, too, btw. Should go a long way towards reassuring a few of those with doubts 🙂

      • Michael Langlois says:

        I don’t suppose you’re taking on any more projects? 🙂 If so, love to chat: langlois(dot)mike(at)gmail(dot)com…

  2. snuurg says:

    – heh, well I’m always interested of course, have to say though that right now I’m gonna be tied into Cthulhu monsters for the next two or three months (at least!), trying to cram as many of ’em as possible into my spare time – hopefully this bout of monstery madness will lead into actually doing this sort of thing for a living rather than trying to find extra hours in the day and doing all-nighters two or three days out of each week, we’ll see 🙂

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