Genesis: the first book of wyrdworld

A little introduction, with Arfie Schmalzeybeggar:


Welcome – to a universe that may seem strangely familiar, while yet being very different: here, the animals – well, many of them – can walk and talk as humans do (the few humans that are still here, that is) – and have as many faults and failings too.

They all exist in a more or less medieval macrocosm, with a few casual anachronisms here and there – which is a small collection of big words working hard to suggest a time and place of swords and sorcery, as well as science and superstition – with occasional guns, gadgets, and other modern marvels thrown in.

These tales offer a slightly grittier take on how a world of such creatures might actually function in a more ‘realistic’ manner: these animal-people have very little about them that is cute or ‘fluffy’ – and though they are generally fairly normal (whatever that means) in their habits, they have the same capacity to be boozy and bawdy, rowdy and reckless, as ordinary, actual people in your world do – which means a bit of salty language here and there, and a dash of violence and bloodshed.

Bear all of this in mind and you’ll be coming close to the what’s-what of Wyrdworld. The rest of it will hopefully explain itself as it goes along…



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amateur sculptor; 'professional' modelmaker. Images copyright snuurg / J.Brumby unless otherwise noted. Sculptor of gods and monsters, myths and mortals, from miniature to monumental
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